In this world of boom technological era plagiarism is a big problem. There were times when plagiarism may not had been that easy because students had to consult only books, magazines and academic journals to write their term papers, essays and research papers. In the modern era every bit of information is on the finger tips of every student where access to any sort of information is just a single click away. Therefore, the technology has made academic plagiarism more common and easier among students. The purpose of this article is to highlight the different types of plagiarisms that students opt for when writing their essays. Below are some useful points to consider for identifying different types of plagiarism.

Not Using Citations

When writing papers failing to provide in-text citations where the information or an idea has been  borrowed from someone else’s article or essay, falls under the category of plagiarism. Though this kind of plagiarism is unintentional where the writer of the paper fails to determine plagiarism but the modern academic world demands that each and every bit of information or an idea being borrowed must be properly cited according to the specific writing format.

Copy Pasting Text

In some instances writers simply copy and paste the information of someone in their paper and present them as their own work. This type of plagiarism falls under intentional plagiarism where the writer being aware deliberately uses someone else’s information without using quotations.

Plagiarism is not accepted anywhere as it is definitely an element that can destroy the whole education system and create hurdles in the way of promoting high quality education.

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