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Sample Essay – Types of Strategic Planning

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There are five essential models of strategic planning.

Basic Strategic Planning

This model is used in organizations that are small, busy and have not done much strategic planning. These organizations generally do have a mission statement.  The managers select the goals the organization must reach if it is to achieve the mission.

Goals are usually  general and address major issues facing the organization. In this type of planning the specific approaches are used to achieve the goals and objectives are developed that state each step to achieve each goal. To implement each strategy action plans are developed. These action plans detail how each objective will be realized. This plan is monitored continuously and is updated periodically according to any new requirements or needs.

Issue Based or Goal Based Planning

Many management models and methods are ineffective and short-lived. A technique may look good when described as a theoretical model, but may not be successful when applied to the management process. To improve efficiency in management, three shifts have been recognized describing the rational for a new management approach. The approach, i.e. “Goal-based planning” is based on four management principles:

  • Use empowerment to take the initiative based on one’s own mission
  • Focus on how the most important Stakeholders (interested parties) evaluate the performance of your business
  • Track and improve one’s own capabilities which advance performance
  • Cooperate in developing the most competitive supply chain with your Stakeholders

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