Dissertation writing is an important element for a Masters degree or  doctorate. In most of the places the pattern and methodology of dissertation writing is similar with a bit of differences here and there. The dissertation writing process in the UAE is based on that of American education system. It can vary from one University to another depending what mode of education is being imparted. Dissertation writing is an important element to acquire a degree in doctorate. It is not an easy process and may require hours and days of proper research and scrutiny in the research topics to come up with a final draft. This article provides some of the basic elements of the UAE dissertation. Below are some of the important elements of a dissertation.

Literature Review

A literature review is background information on the existing knowledge on the topic. It helps readers find out what has already been sought in a particular subject and helps him/her identify with the new research in the field.

Research Methodology

A research methodology is a must in any sort of dissertation writing. It consists of the modes of research you opt for during your dissertation writing. It helps readers with the references you used to find appropriate answers.

UAE dissertation is no different and may require the same level of hard work and dedication. In some cases tutorial help as proper guidance is also important to write an effective dissertation.

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