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The UAE also popularly known as the United Arab Emirates has come a long way in terms of providing it citizens with high quality education. The literacy rate in the UAE is estimated as 91% and is only likely to increase considering the foreign interests and investments in the country.

In the next 10 years time UAE plans to further improve its educational standards to a level where it be recognized as a global port for high quality education. The UAE aims to further increase its literacy rate to 100 % and impart education in all the major academic fields related to business, arts, social sciences, humanities, engineering and law.

English language is not as widely spoken in the country yet but the authorities are focusing on educating its citizens as most of the educational curriculum will be related in the English language so that the locals can seek quality education in whatever academic field they desire.

Being an Arab nation Arabic is the official language of the country and is spoken in most of the cities. As awareness related to education have increased the Arabs are now emphasizing the need and importance to learn the English language as most of the modern educational material can only be imparted in English.

Mathematics and Science

The importance of mathematics and science cannot be neglected anywhere in the world as most of the technological progress is related to these fields. The Arab government is emphasizing on revising its curricula at the primary level where modern scientific and mathematical concepts will be imparted to students so that during their later years of higher education they can seek education in science and mathematics more easily.

Introducing Computers

These days life is almost unworthy without the use of computers. So is the case in education where most of the academic related activities are sought using computers. The modern American Universities in the UAE demand high literacy in computers so that students can write their dissertations, term papers and research papers more easily.

The government of UAE is investing heavily in the field of computers so that in the future their citizens be well aware of computer oriented applications and designs.

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