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The USA is an extremely religious society. Proof can be found signifying Americans’ profound and enduring religious belief. A Gallup Polls in November 2003 found that six out of ten Americans said that religion was “vital” in their lives.

An analysis done in 2001 found that 85% of Americans associate with some religious faith. The same study found that by most principles the United States was a more religious country than any European nations except Ireland and Poland.

The religious belief of Americans leans toward the conformist end of the scale. It is hard to picture the United States electing a contender with the ideas and strategy of George W. Bush, without the eager role an ever more conservative belief plays in of millions of Americans’ lives.

United States is not a religious society

Actually, for a nation to be secular nothing is required than for its principles to be based on accepted autonomy rather than the word of God, and for the mechanism of its government to be released from the direct pressure of religion. America is a secular society not because most Americans are not religious but because keeping government and religion apart from one another is the finest way to minimize religious conflict.

Most Americans are not devout absolutists or anti secular. Most are far more liberal of cultural, racial, religious, and sexual minorities than their forefathers were. All this shows the lingering strength, lasting principles, and recent increase of liberalism, even if the liberal label is in unpopular.


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