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This essay looks at the term “underclass” and assesses it usefulness in dealing with the concept of urban deprivation. First the current thoughts on what defines the urban deprivation will be explored and then the notion of underclass in general will be further examined before assessing its relationship to urban deprivation.

Urban Deprivation

In inner city areas, there are a number of inter-related issues such as segregation, inequality, and general living conditions. The first aspect to consider is that the inner city is typically the oldest part of the city.  Because of this, it would tend to have aging buildings that may have either been allowed to degrade over time or never had full amenities to begin with. In addition to this, the nature of cities and how they develop would involve industrial edifices and transportation services in what at first had been the main part of the city and now as the inner city. This mean that old train and shipping nodes and decaying warehouses and industrial building would often comprise part of the inner city.[1]

In Europe and North America the development of cities often resulted in families and businesses migrating outwards away from the core of the city to the suburbs. As this happened, the inner city became the home for poorer and more disadvantaged people. The residents tended to be ethnic minorities and recent immigrants. Sometimes the inner cities also provided shelter for the homeless and the elderly.

[1] D.T. Herbert and C.J. Thomas 1997. Cities in Space, City as Place, 3rd edition. John Wiley, New York.

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