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This essay discusses the significance of the weeping beech in the history. Samuel Bowne Parsons, proprietor of a major nursery in Flushing, planted this tree in 1847.

The other important landmark that is historical is the Weeping Beech Park, 37th Avenue between Parsons Boulevard and Bowne Street, Flushing. Samuel Bowne Parsons, proprietor of a major nursery in Flushing, planted this tree in 1847. It was accepted and planted in or near his now ­famous nursery, Parsons was intrigued by news of the existence of an exotic new assortment of beech tree in Belgium, he obtains a tiny shoot that he planted near the Bowne House. His nursery furnished stock to both Central and Prospect parks. The tree was one of the city’s two living landmarks until 1998, when it died and the Parks Department was forced to eradicate its dead limbs. The tree spawned several saplings, which are growing near their historic mother. The 151­year­old Weeping Beech was noble and beautiful even in its twilight. Most of all, the tree was evidence that its immortality.


From the meeting house –a building that echoes the fight for religious freedom to a tree that survived for almost two centuries, are no ordinary landmarks they literally stand as reflection of a vibrant past a future which will be even more brighter. Today Queens is one of the most culturally diverse boroughs of New York with diverse people from various cultures religions and backgrounds living together. The economy of Queens is based on tourism, industry, trade, and a growing outside population.

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