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The art of 19th Century especially the paintings related to the building in shapes of squares and vaults is covered with a long last unforgettable history which one could not see by just looking into it.

The mid-nineteenth century is also the period when the Folklore (in modern usage, an academic discipline the subject matter of which also called folklore comprises the sum total of traditionally derived and orally or imitatively transmitted literature, material culture, and custom of subcultures within predominantly literate and technologically advanced societies; comparable study among wholly or mainly non-literate) movement in France began. The market was flooded with representations of costumes and ethnic types of all sorts. In addition there were historical studies of provincial life, as well as novels, paintings, and sculpture with peasants as subjects. Many illustrated publications were produced in inexpensive formats, suggesting a widespread dissemination at all levels of society.

As for artist, it was a role that was rarely encouraged for women. Most of the documented female artists of the period were either daughters of artists who trained in their fathers’ workshops or daughters of noblemen. So, ordinary women were not exposed to learning artistic skills, because the domestic duties in the Renaissance were very arduous and time consuming, and this kept most women from considering careers outside the home. In fact, many talented women artists painted far less or completely ended their artistic careers when they married.

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