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Argumentative essays are different from descriptive, narrative or analytical essays. However, an analytical essay follows the same structural format as other essays, such as the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. An argumentative essay consists of a point or a theme to argue about. The writer needs to provide sufficient facts and figures as evidence to prove or disprove an argument. This article is a guide to writing an effective argumentative essay. Read some useful tips below to learn to write an analytical essay.

Select a Topic

Select an interesting topic to write an argumentative essay. Avoid overly written topics such as the death penalty, abortion or rape. Select something unique as well as interesting for you to make the writing process easier and enjoyable.

For instance, your topic can focus on the controversies related to human cloning or the benefits of stem cell transplant and whether it should be termed as ethical for treating fatal diseases.

Make an Outline

An outline is always helpful to approach the whole writing process as it determines the topics that must be covered chronologically. In other words, it serves as a roadmap to achieve the desired result in a well-structured way.

Write the Essay

Once you have an outline, you have a proper direction to follow. Begin to write the essay starting with a strong introduction where you will introduce your topic along with the key points briefly.

Once you have the introduction, you will write a main body consisting of 3 paragraphs where you have to provide facts and figures as evidence to prove or disprove your point. For instance, if stem cell transplant is ethical, what benefits can humans draw from it? Your main focus should be on the positive sides of stem cell transplant to make your essay convincing.

Finally, you must write a strong conclusion where you can suggest that if stem cell transplant is ethical, then what measures can be taken to keep the technology from getting exploited for unethical purposes?

To make your argumentative essays more convincing and presentable, keep them relevant and to the point. Avoid providing unnecessary details and arguments.

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