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Writing a critical essay is not the same as writing a descriptive essay. In a critical essay you have to do a lot of research, find information from many different sources and read a lot. The word “critical” sounds negative; it seems that if you have to write a critical essay then you only have to dig out the weaknesses of the work or author you are writing the critical essay on. therefore a major mistake that students make while writing a critical essay is that they only write the weaknesses. A critical essay is not just about writing the weaknesses of a particular work. If you are impressed with something or someone you can definitely write about it in you critical essay. However you have to make sure that whatever you say about a work or an author should be strongly supported by evidence and should not be just your opinion.

Make notes

Before starting to write the critical essay you will have to do a lot of research on your topic. After you have collected all the information, start making notes of the important things, things you think should be included in the critical essay. Also make notes as to where in your critical essay you will include a certain point.


Prepare an outline

Like in all other essays, a critical essay also requires an outline. Therefore develop a comprehensive outline before starting to write the essay.



Write the introduction

In the introduction you will mention why you are writing your critical essay on the particular topic that you have chosen. You will also have to give a brief background of your topic.


Summarize the points

Give summaries of the points that you will include in your critical essay. Do not go into a lot of details of the points you will include. Start each paragraph with a new point.


Make references

While writing down the critical essay use the work you are writing the critical essay on as the main source of reference apart from that you can also use other sources to make references.


Be clear and concise

Use language that is easily understandable and make sure that you are able to convey your critics in a clear manner so that the reader is not left with any confusions in his/her mind. Another reason why being clear and concise is important is so that you should not be seen as confused. Also, write the critical essay in third person so that it does not seem to the reader as if it is only your opinion that you are putting forward.

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