Writing a dissertation proposal is your first step towards writing the dissertation. lot of students find writing a dissertation proposal to be a tiring and discouraging job, this is because students don’t usually succeed in writing the perfect dissertation proposal the very first time, their proposals are rejected many times before finally getting accepted.

You are about to write a dissertation proposal but don’t know how to write it perfectly the very first time so that it does not get rejected? Read this article and follow the easy guidelines given in it to write a good dissertation proposal.

Don’t keep your topic too vast

If your topic has a lot of subtopics and is too vast to be clearly explained in the dissertation proposal, narrow it down. It is important that your teacher is clear about the topic and feels that you are clear about it as well. Having a very vast topic in your dissertation proposal can confuse the reader and might bring in a doubt that even you are confused about the topic. If such will be the case the chances of your dissertation proposal getting rejected will increase.

Clear thesis statement

Make sure that your thesis statement is clear. It should not only be clear to you, you should also keep in mind your readers when you are writing the thesis statement. If you want the dissertation proposal to be accepted the very first time, you will have to make your thesis statement very clear and concise.

You can arrange meetings with your advisor and get your fiends and fellow classmates to read your thesis statement to see if they understand it.

Write everyday

Once you get down to writing your dissertation proposal, make it a habit to write everyday. Even if it’s a very small amount you write, this way you will get used to of writing, your flow will improve and you will start coming up with ideas. Do not hesitate while writing; write whatever comes to your mind (obviously regarding the dissertation). Do not worry of writing too long or using lousy language, such things can be fixed later. What’s most important is to get your idea on paper before it vanishes from your mind.



Keep it clear and concise

Do not try to write a long, complicated proposal. Keeping it short and clear will always help.

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