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No matter what type of essay introduction you write, it always consists of three major components: the introduction, the main body and a conclusion. Each component is vital for an essay to be considered properly organized and well structured. The idea of dividing an essay into these three components is to make it easier for the reader to follow and simple for the writer to write using a logical format. In this article, we will emphasize how to write the introduction of an essay to make it more appealing and interesting to read. Read the following details to learn to write an essay introduction.

The Beginning

Every essay must start with an appealing beginning. You can ask a question or briefly tell a story related to the topic of your essay to evoke curiosity and interest among the readers. You can also write a quote or statistics depending on the type of essay you are writing.

Background Information

Once you have the readers interested in reading an essay, you can introduce the essay’s key points. All you have to do is give brief background information about the topic so the reader knows beforehand what is happening in the essay. However, do not give every detail of your essay. Keep it short and to the point with the main information.

Thesis Statement

Make a thesis statement according to the topic. A thesis statement is a problem question you intend to answer in the main essay. But you have to write that question to let your readers know the purpose of your essay. This is usually done at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Once you have written the introduction, start working on other components, such as the main body and the conclusion. It is always recommended to outline an essay before starting to write it so that you have a logical layout of everything that you intend to discuss throughout the essay.

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