In all the different types of essays, narrative essay is the most interesting one to write. A narrative essay is more like telling a story. Like a film a narrative essay has an introduction, a rising point, a climax, a falling point and a resolution.

Below are a few tips for you to follow and write a good and interesting narrative essay.


Give your narrative essay a title. Ever noticed that the titles of films are usually based on the main plot, this is so that the viewer can relate the title of the film with the film itself. In the same manner when giving a title to your narrative essay make sure that it is based on the main plot of the essay so that the readers can relate both the things together.


In the introduction point of the narrative essay you start off with describing a setting and the mood of your narrative essay. You also introduce your characters in this paragraph, or maybe keep some of the characters hidden from the reader till a later stage when the story has developed. Make sure that you explain your characters in detail so that the readers are able to make pictures in their mind as to what the character looks like. This is important because the readers will develop a bond with the characters.

Rising point

This is that stage of the narrative essay when the story has developed, the characters have been introduced. Now the story will gradually pace up. Things will start to happen faster because your rising point is leading the readers to the story’s climax.


Climax is the most interesting part of the narrative essay like it is the most interesting part of any film. This is the high point of the story; this is where the protagonist (main character) gets into action to save the world.

Falling point

At this stage of your narrative essay the climax has come to its falling point, i.e. the protagonist has been successful in saving the world and gradually things are getting back to normal. Like the rising point takes the story towards climax, the falling point takes the story towards the end.


This is the final stage of your narrative essay. In this stage everything is back to normal, the world has been saved and a new hero recognized. This is the happy ending of your narrative essay.

Through out the narrative essay make sure that the language you use is engaging, the vocabulary should be fit for the reader, e.g. if you are writing for children use easy vocabulary.

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