A thesis statement is the central idea of your work. It could be for an essay, a research paper, a term paper or a dissertation. No matter what you’re writing your thesis statement on, you will always have to follow the same rules.

Find out below how to write a good thesis statement.

Related to the topic

After you have chosen the topic on which you want to write and made all the necessary research, read through your research, match it with your own thoughts and opinions about that topic and try to come up with sentences relating to the topic and what your arguments will be. Write those sentences down.

Work on the sentences

Surly at first the sentences you will write down will be very crude; they will have a lot of loopholes and confusions and will not cover the central idea of your topic. Work on those sentences, while working on them you will be able to separate one sentence from all of the rest, this will be the one that you feel is closest to being a good thesis statement. Now work on that particular sentence only.

Take help

If after working on the sentence you have separated, you still feel that there are a few loop wholes take help from your teacher. Ask him/her to read your thesis statement and tell you what you need to work on. You can also make your friends and family members read your thesis statement and ask them if they understood what the topic is about.

Keep it focused

Do not give a detailed thesis statement. A thesis statement cannot be several paragraphs long, it needs to be as concise as possible, probably two to three sentences. A thesis statement is basically the gist of your work.

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