The purpose of writing descriptive essays is to describe a place, person or a thing. Just like other types of essays a descriptive essay follows a similar writing pattern i.e. an introduction with a brief background and a thesis statement, a main body describing a person, place or thing and lastly a conclusion to end the essay with personal opinions or comments. This article will help you learn to write descriptive essays with ease. To learn to write descriptive essays keep reading.

Decide a Topic

The first step to write a descriptive essay is to decide what you want to write on. Decide whether you want to write on a place, person or some particular thing or object. You just cannot go on to write a descriptive essay without having a clear understanding of what you want to write on. Once you are well aware of the topic proceed to write the essay in detail.

Use of Senses

Once you have decided what you want to write on begin to write. A descriptive essay consists of sensory details such as hearing, touching, smell, sight and taste depending on the subject you are writing on. Sensory details are something that differ descriptive essays from other types of essays. Sensory details help the readers to actually feel the exact sensations while reading. For instance, you plan to write on a particular place. Your tone of writing should be such that the reader is compelled to feel that he/she is actually in that place seeing, smelling and hearing what is in the nearby surroundings..



The Format

The format of a descriptive essay is similar to other types of essays. You begin with an appealing introduction briefly introducing the key points. Then you write the thesis statement. In the main body which should consist of 3 paragraphs at the most you describe the topic of your essay using sensory details. Last paragraph consists of a conclusion to end the essay.

Descriptive essays are fun to write because of the element of five senses used in them.

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