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Diagnostic essays are the very first essays you write. The purpose of these essays is to test your writing skills. These essays can be in-class as well as take-home versions as well. Diagnostic essays are traditional five paragraph essays that teach you how to properly write and approach an essay structure. Normally the teacher assigns you a topic to write the essay. The topic can vary from politics, war, social issues such as child labor and other types of issues. A diagnostic essay just like other types of essays has a beginning that is the introduction, middle in form of a main body and the end that is the conclusion. The purpose of these essays is basically to habituate students to follow a particular essay writing structure. The purpose of this article is to provide you some basic guidance on how to write a diagnostic essay. Read more below to discover more on diagnostic essays.

Pick a Topic

Pick a suitable topic if you are not assigned one by your teacher. Once you have a compatible topic write down the thesis that you will be discussing in your entire essay as the main focus of the subject. Make sure that the topic you select is something that you can explain well to the readers as you will be providing lots of arguments and logical facts to prove your thesis.

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