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Every essay consists of three main components such as the introduction, the main body and a conclusion. All these three components are vital for essay writing to give it an appropriate structure and convey information in an organized and coherent manner. This article highlights some key points to write the body of an essay which is written after writing the introductory paragraph of the essay. The main body consists of all the key points and other information provided in the introductory paragraph in an elaborated form along with supportive evidence, facts and figures to prove or disprove the main argument of the essay. This article provides some tips to write the main body of the essay. Keep reading the article to learn more about writing the main body of the essay.

Length of the Body

For a standard essay you may need to write an essay consisting of more than one paragraph. If your essay is short in length than a single paragraph will be sufficient to convey the important information to the readers.

Provide Subheadings

In this article we assume that you are writing a three paragraph essay. In that case each paragraph you write should be independent of others with sufficient evidence along with facts and figures to back your arguments. The purpose of each paragraph should be to relate to the thesis statement provided in the introductory paragraph. Make sure that each paragraph is stand alone with the element of relevancy and ample evidence to support your claims.

The Structure

Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence i.e. the purpose of the paragraph. It should tell the readers what the paragraph will be all about. After writing the topic sentence provide three more sentences supporting the thesis statement along with evidence, facts and figures.

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