An essay conclusion is an integral component of any type of essay writing assignment along with the introduction and the main body. An essay conclusion determines the end of an essay with useful suggestions and personal opinions about the problem posed by the essay question. Without a well thought out and appealing conclusion an essay has no real purpose. This article provides some useful tips to write an essay conclusion effectively. Keep reading this article to learn more about how to write an appealing conclusion for an essay.

Bring the Matter Together

The first step to write a conclusion is to sum up the whole essence of an essay into a summarized form. Identify all the key aspects discussed in the essay and write a very brief summary. However, avoid providing detailed explanations that have already been discussed. Just 2-3 three sentences about the main points of the essay will be sufficient.

Provide a Suggestion

Now provide a suggestion or a solution to the problem posed by the essay question. You can also make a comment or give personal opinions related to the essay topic. However, make sure that you stick to the main purpose of the essay i.e. to relate to the topic and the information that has been incorporated into the essay paper. Bear in mind that you accomplish this in 2-3 sentences at the most.

Restate the Thesis Statement

Lastly, restate the thesis statement as a reminder to the reader about the main purpose of writing the essay. You can reword it from the thesis statement you provided in the introduction of the essay. Try not to make your essay conclusion too lengthy. It should consist of a paragraph and other few components mentioned above in the article.

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