What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is a peace of research work on a certain topic. The topic can be anything related to your field of interest. When selecting a topic you must ensure that the topic is interesting for you as it is going to make your research more interesting. You can select any topic varying from the field of psychology to management sciences.

How to Begin?

When assigned a research paper by the teacher you can list down a number of interesting topics on a peace of paper and try to search them on various sources such as the web, newspapers, magazines and books. Take proper guidance from your seniors and the teacher. After getting satisfied that enough information is available from various sources on a particular topic select it.


What to Avoid.

Always keep in mind that the topic you select is interesting for you. If you select a topic on which information is not available easily and you don’t have enough knowledge about it try to avoid it as you can end up messing up your research work and getting low grades.


Making a Presentable Paper

Your report must consist of proper use of grammar and well constructed sentences and paragraphs. You must start your report with a proper introduction where you can introduce your topic of research. A well designed title page with the required writing style such as APA format, Harvard and MLA. At the end you must include bibliography and references so that your teacher can know the source of information.


The Main Body of a Research Paper

The body is an integral part of writing any research report. It should consist of relevant facts, ideas and proper evidence to support your arguments. It must not contain irrelevant information. It must be to the point and related to the main topic of research. It must consist of something new and informative for the teacher as well as other students.


The End of the Research Paper

The end of the report must consist of conclusion consisting of your own point of views and a brief summary of what areas you have covered in the research. Lastly, what you have learned from the research.

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