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The nature, form and process of African immigration to the US have altered amazingly. Beginning with early African migration, which increased in the period after the second world war, and during the period of the nationalist anti-colonial resist for independence, until today, when many US consulates in African countries are flooded with Africans seeking rapid and immediate exit from their respective countries, there are particular economic, political, and social factors that move people to the US from the African continent. These factors are based on the African continent in terms of the materialization of the Structural Adjustment Programs and Democratization projects, which in combination, have produce both negative and positive forces that drive the unending desire for Africans to migrate, immigrate, and seek political asylum in the US. The most important among these forces is the phenomenon of globalization, encapsulated in the concept of the New World Order. The United States and the other Group of 8 countries are occupied in the process of constructing, and spread this new world order, as the primary architects and the main beneficiaries.

Labor shortages create a demand for migrant workers, to which people react, spurring later chains of migration among friends and family, which are facilitate by family unification laws and fed by the need for additional labor in migrant-owned businesses. The immigration from Africa to France, Germany, other European countries and lately, to the US is an illustration of this phenomenon. To the extent that labor was in short supply in the target country that immigrants choose to settle in, mainly after the Second World War, migrant labor was hailed. Not in the sense of having any special entitlements, but in terms of immigrants’ ability to get those menial work that the indigenes did not want.


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