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Integration of Computers with Humans – For the community of researchers conducting work on invention of new technologies as well as ways to improve their use, the extent to which AI will be used in the future is very significant.

This research finds its significance in the overall benefit of the human kind. It is important because it brings to light a part of the significant advantages that computing has brought to mankind.

Furthermore, it also describes how the technology has been used to improve how computers interact with and use. In attempting to explore the future of HCI, this research also contributes toward literature discussing the trends in HCI and AI development and the implications that the use of such technologies will bring in. It also brings to light the use of AI in HCI devices to facilitate the integration of computers with humans.

Another significance of this research is the identification of pitfalls that could lead to the creation of rogue AI, and thus, the necessary steps are needed to prevent it.

Furthermore, this paper also discusses the issues related to the possible combination of humans and machines in one structure and its possible implications, thus providing significant knowledge to the research community to guide the process of developing guidelines for AI and HCI computer development.

1.5 Research Design and Methodology

1.5.1 Introduction

The research methodology and design plays a critical role in the success of any research. A good research design not only makes it possible to successfully achieve all the miles stones in  research  by laying out a plan, but it also helps in yielding maximum relevant information and in maximizing the reliability of results through selection of  resources. The research design was important for this paper as it served as guide for setting achievable milestones and in providing a foresight of the flaws and inadequacies that could have made this research inaccurate while providing me that change of learning from critical comments and evaluations found in the existing research.

1.5.2 Research Sources

As a research paper, the research design was simple. It required reviewing and analyzing information found in a variety of secondary sources, the majority of which were found on the Internet. These sources included books, conference papers, journal articles, magazine articles, news papers and reliable websites.

1.5.3 Research Design

Topic explored for this research included Artificial Intelligence (AI), Human-Computer-Interface (AI), Current Trends in HCI and AI as well as Cybernetics, Human Factors Engineering and Technological Singularity. The research and knowledge building itself was divided into four phase. In faze one; importance was given to building up the fundamentals of the topics.

This involved gaining strong back ground in both HCI technologies and design as well as AI concepts. For this purpose, Books as well as introductory materials available from reputed organizations such as ACM were used.

The second phase involved building the fundamentals to understand how the combination of technologies enhances the experience of HCI and its future trends while also studying how AI is incorporated to enhance the HCI experience.

Websites of the AI and Virtual Reality Research Groups in various universities across the US, as well as magazine articles, particularly from ITMagz and Computers, were found to be very useful in this phase.

The third phase of the knowledge building involved the major use of journal and conference proceedings from organizations such as ACM. At the same time, Magazine Articles and Websites were also used as additional resources.

This phase involved understanding the concept of technological singularity and the discussion on harnessing the singularity for the benefit of human race. The last phase of knowledge building  involved the browsing of informational and news websites as well as currently published articles written on the topic of co-existence of human and machine traits in one shell as well as discussing the repercussions of such a combination on human race as well as computers.

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