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Sample Essay – Abolition of the death penalty

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Abstract: people are of various opinions when it comes to death penalty as a form of punishment. People who take other’s lives shouldn’t be allowed to live in society.

A person who takes away the life of another person purposely deserves the punishment of death penalty. The Bible too confirms this that anyone who sheds the blood of another man will have his blood shed too for it is God who made man (Genesis).

However, in the Bible, the very person to have committed the murder, Cain, was not executed. He was instead banished forever. This showed that the mere idea of killing someone is wrong and that there is some error in an act such as this.

People who take away the life of another individual must be imprisoned for life so that other people are free from a person such as this in society.

However, when considering abolishing the death penalty as a form of punishment, it can be considered as being in favor of society as it would reduce the likelihood of killing any innocent man who may not have committed any crime but may not have been able to hire a good lawyer perhaps due to financial constraints.

People like this always tend to be the victims. Another reason behind them being found guilty is due to prejudice which is a prevalent issue in death penalty, the cost of taking away someone’s life is too high and overwhelming and the death penalty does not allow change to occur; the possibility of criminals to change for the better gets taken away.

There is a great risk involved when innocent people are executed. The supporters of death penalty do believe that it is safer to take away a life in error than to…

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