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Sample Essay – Abusive Relationships

The results of this study show that women who had left abusive relationships coped surprisingly well and showed few symptoms of depression. Especially significant was the women’s acknowledgement of the problems they faced, for example overcoming the social stigma and evaluating their financial situation. The women’s description of the methods they used to rise above these obstacles are also important because they show that alcohol and drug use can be treated by providing women with coping strategies.

The study however, laid too little emphasis on the likelihood of a resumption of substance misuse. Many of the participants had reported previous alcohol and drug misuse. Some of them were exhibiting behavior such as eating and shopping addictions which show psychological turmoil and could lead to substance abuse. Roberts writes “abused women report more sick days and poorer physical health…than non abused women.” (Roberts, 2007, p.280). The physical health of the participants was not checked although it is a major indicator of PTSD and drug use.

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