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Sample Essay

Even with the departure of Go’s previous chief executive Barbara Cassani, which has already made it clear she wasn’t happy with the possible the acquisition of Go by EasyJet, as result of this she isn’t going to be joining the new group In any shape or form as she plans to leave her job at Go when the Acquisition is made by EasyJet. This position will be filled by the current chief executive of EasyJet Ray Webster but EasyJet was able to persuade the following three senior members of Go to join the Enlarged Group with 11 million incentive package;-

  1. Former Go Chief operating officer Ed Winter,
  2. Former Go Sales and marketing director David Magliano
  3. Former Go Director of customer services Dominic Paul



This is great for EasyJet which already believes that Go has a strong and competent management and high quality staff which EasyJet believes would only benefit and contribute positively to the Enlarged group, overall the acquisition will bring more success for the already Successful EasyJet company and I favour very much that in the future EasyJet will become, over time the leading low-cost airline company in Europe and overtake their main rival Ryan Air.

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