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Abstract: everyone deserves to be treated on an equal basis and affirmative action is one aspect which helps in creating equality for everyone, particularly minorities.

Despite affirmative action being an issue which has only recently become a controversial one, it is not a new topic of discussion. It has long been in existence and it had to emerge as a controversial issue someday. It could be seen as having emerged from amendment 13 – 15 which was a list of amendments which banned slavery and guaranteed people unbiased protection under the law. It also prohibited any form of racial prejudice in terms of voting (Sykes). It was in the Plessy V. Ferguson case of 1896 that the Supreme Court passed its judgment which asked for different yet equal treatment for African Americans in the United States (Sykes). However the decision made by the Supreme Court in 1954 regarding the case of Brown versus Board of Education replaced the earlier decision which had occurred due to the Plessy trial. It was President Lyndon Johnson who first made us of the word ‘Affirmative Action’ in 1965 in the Executive Order 11246 (Sykes). This made federal officials ensure that affirmative action was used in order for people to be treated on an equal basis without their creed, race, color or origin playing a role (Cahn). It was two years later that…

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