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Sample Essay

The automobile revolution in Canada was experienced from1900 to 1930, with an industrial boom in 1920, associated with mass production. The first car manufacturers were partners of American established manufacturers, who assembled and sold cars to Canada.

By 1914, independent car producers began to emerge in Canada, making US cars. Industrialists like Gordon McGregor of Ford and Sam McLaughlin of Buicks were some of the pioneers of this industry. The industry made a stride in the 1920s, when it expanded rapidly within Canada making the country the second largest Car manufacturers in the world[1]. Therefore due to this success and growth, an environmental impact assessment will be made. This will involve the history of the environmental impact cars have had on Canada since 1920, the social and cultural effects, emergence of towns and the impact on advertising.

[1] White, Richard Making, Cars in Canada: a Brief History of the Canadian Automobile industry: 1900-1980, (transformational series, 2007).

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