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Abstract: smoking causes harm to the smoker along with having effects on the non smoker and society as a whole. Measures need to be taken to curb the use of cigarettes.

Smoking is an activity which not only poses as a threat to the individual but to society as well (Robin McKie). He has based his entire argument on facts and data which were collected from a variety of medical reports which suggest that heart attacks can be a result of smoking. Apart from heart attacks, various types of caner and breathing problems too may emerge and the health of a person could deteriorate generally.

Despite smoking being an excessively dangerous activity for the smoker and for those people around him, there are ways in which the problem of smoking can be countered as there exists a remedy for it. An example of a remedy of stopping people from smoking is that of restricting smoking in indoor places. This has seen to work to a great extent. A medical report from Helena, a city in Montana showed that by enforcing a ban on smoking for 6 months, the number of heart attacks to take place decreased by 40 percent. Non-smokers too should be taken into consideration. Not only will a ban on smoking benefit the person who smokes, it will also benefit the non-smokers around him. They will no longer have to inhale the dangerous smoke which is emitted into the air by the cigarette. This will also help in reducing the risk of the non-smoker developing diseases such as cancer and breathing problems.

Smoking is considered to be very much a part of the culture of the English people and hence it should not be banned (A.N.Wilson). He also believes that…

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