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Sample Essay

The aims and objectives that were recommended for the program in the presentation pertained to improving the present system in order to improve the process of payment of the subsidies for farmers. This would enable the farmers to access the required funds through the subsidies in time for the sowing and the cultivation of their crops. The second aim that was highlighted in the presentation was to decrease the number and the volume of cost overheads at the company, specific to processing claims for the farmers. The reduction of the cost overheads further triggered the satisfaction of the as is highlighted in the presentation pertaining to increasing the efficiency of the processes.

The aims and objectives highlighted in the case for the Rural Payments Agency as well as those highlighted in the presentation as recommendation for the Rural Payments Agency were formed on the same lines. Both promote increase of productivity, reduction in inefficiency and reduction in time that it takes for the farmers to access their subsidy claims. However it is worth noticing that the aims of the Rural Payments Agency as in the case focused on the customer orientation of the company and its operations while the recommendations focus more on using technology to support the streamlining of the business processes.

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