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Sample Essay

In America the lower class individuals need a truly representative and accountable organisation that has ground level consultation and helps inspire the aboriginal people of America to take ownership of their destiny, and allows them the capacity to do so. Above all lower class people need to make sure that America does not return to a paternalistic way with dealing with the situation. This has been proved a failure and would be proved a failure again, a failure that America cannot afford. It is true that the lower class population have the ‘source of knowledge of their own needs, their learning process and the ways in which learning takes place and the most effective ways and environments in which learn’ (Sherwood & McConville, 2006).

The first and probably the biggest point about inequality to lower class people all over the world may be concerned with basic needs of life. First of all, a lot of lower class people have been facing a serious lack of provision of water and sanitation, because most of them live in remote areas. Furthermore, this lack of provision of these services has resulted in many unnecessary deaths of lower class people. In contrast to this, upper class people do have certain provision of these services. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that many people service organizations have complained to American government about this unfair situation, the responses have been made by ignoring them or by ambiguously saying to solve this in the near future. (Newsom, 2006) Concerning other services, it is true for lower class population that services are often not available. The reasons for this may include far distance between them and hospitals, schools, offices and leisure centres. On the other hand, upper class population have very sufficient as well as very effective delivery of same services. The fact that the inadequacy of these services continues despite many studies of the cases and a lot of complaints mean that current society has known these miserable conditions and also how to remedy them for a long time, but it simply has not acted.

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