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Abstract: 1940’s was a time when black women were constantly oppressed and had to deal with racism. Celie was a black woman who too had to bear these sufferings.

There are many events in history that have an impact on a writer’s style of writing. History influences the style, the genre and the themes of their story. The period of time of the 1940’s was one that influenced Alice Walker greatly. During that period of time, black women were victims of oppression and racism. They were treated in the most immoral ways and were treated unjustly. Women were victims of beatings and abuse because of their colour and gender. Celie was a young woman who endured the same kinds of beatings, abuse and sexism, which was a reflection of that time period. But her strength and firm belief in her faith helped her overcome these hardships and was a symbol of the strength of women. The Color Purple is evidence of the oppression that black women went through (Ryan 3062). The writer uses the relationship between a father and a daughter to portray this oppression that was prevalent during the 1940’s (Fulmer 1).  Since a very young age, Celie had been the victim of oppression. Her stepfather raped her repeatedly and threatened her about the consequences if she was to tell anyone about it. She even got pregnant twice because of her stepfather. This type of existence was very humiliating, debasing and shameful for Celie. This treatment by her stepfather made her fear men for a very long time in her life (Walker 6).

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