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Sample Essay – Concept of Artificial Intelligence

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Since their invention in the early 20th century, computers have always progressed forward in assisting the human kind with various tasks in every walk of life. The use of computer has gradually spread from a handful of applications fifty years ago to almost everything today. From household items such as mobile  phones to the use of computers for information and entertainment purposes, the computer has not only made these experiences  interactive and appealing, but has vastly changed the way these concepts were perceived in the past, thus bringing in a revolution.  However, its effect on businesses and industries has been very radical, where it has way businesses and industries conduct themselves.

These advantages of the computers have been brought forward by researchers by adopting concepts and technologies from other field of studies and implementing them on computers ,which has not only enhanced the concept and technology itself but has also allowed for its implementation in other fields as well. This area of research has been titled computer science.

Of the many concepts that have been adopted through application of computer Science is Intelligence. Intelligence refers to the concept of an object being able to sense its environment as well as the problem it faces and takes decision with minimum or not outside help, which maximizes its chances of success.

For computers, this may be translated into identifying the needs of its users and taking decision accordingly to facilitate the user as much as possible in any given environment.

Concept of Artificial Intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence has been on the horizon for quite some time now. This has lead to development of artificial intelligence technologies which are capable of greatly assisting the user in various tasks but also understand the people better.

The advances in technology have made it possible for human to interact with computers in a totally different way than it was done in the past.  No longer is a user restricted to interacting with computer through a single device.

The advent of technology has also allowed for invention of more interactive ways through which computers and humans can better understand themselves. The area belonging to study of how this interaction can be enhanced is called the Human-Machine Interaction (HCI).

Alongside, computers, HCI studies have also moved forward with a number of concepts that have been implemented into creating better Human-Computer Interfaces. These include Touch Screen, Virtual Reality, Holographic imagery as well as Artificial Intelligence.

However, Artificial Intelligence is one area that is being touted as very important in revolutionizing the concept of HCI totally from what it is today. In contrast to other technologies, which enhance the human experience and capabilities when interacting with computers, Artificial Intelligence actually empower the computers to become more intelligent and thus enable them to generate an understanding of their user without much work being done by the user.

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