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Sample Essay – Crisis of overpopulation

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Abstract: overpopulation is a problem which we have been dealing with and will need to deal with for many years. It is the duty of humans to protect resources.

Our earth holds around 6 billion people currently. It has been estimated that by the year 2050, there will be 9 billion people on Earth (http://www.prb.org/datafind/datafinder5.htm). Imagine yourself trying to drive in a crowded street or that you are stuck in a bad traffic jam, how you ever thought how so many people are living together on one planet? These questions have crossed my mind quite often and hence I believe that overpopulation is the worst problem which we have to deal with today. In the 21st century, overpopulation is seen to be the worst problem and it has negative effects on the living standards of people, on the environment and the resources which are available within our environment for us to survive. Overpopulation may be one problem the world has to deal with but the way in which people decide to live is another cause of worry. The problems and issues which are caused by overpopulation have an impact on people from all backgrounds, social classes and race. Due to this it is considered to be the duty of the human race to pool in their ideas and time and to do something in order to save the environment and to ensure the longevity of our planet.

The way in which people live and the lifestyles which they have adopted make more resources to get consumed which leads to greater waste and increases people’s life expectancy. Due to the developments which have taken place in various industries, there has been some stability in the economy which has led to people getting jobs in their communities. The increase in wage too has helped people in supporting their families in a better manner. Statistics have shown that each child born in the United States of America will cause the production of 52 tons of waste and would have consumed around 11 million gallons of water by the time he/she reaches…

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