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Sample Essay

Due to globalization and the emergence of innovative mass communication technologies like the internet, consumers have a variety of choice in terms of what services they consume and what products they buy. The internet serves as a standalone medium as well as compliments the click and mortar establishments of boutiques, high street stores and retail businesses.

The combined total for retail options available on the internet and in offline mediums is very extensive, making it hard for the customers to make a choice. Therefore consumers tend to use attribites like timing, type of products, brand name as well as quality of service to finalize their choices. In this regard, service quality is an important metric for retailers both online and offline in order to determine the demand for their business, and their success in the future in terms of more and profitable sales. Moreover quality is highly associated with reputation and price, with high service quality indicating premium brand and service, as well as allowing the retailers to charge a higher margin on the products and services provided.

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