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Abstract: pornography is seen to be demeaning and ethically wrong however from a political point of view, restricting its distribution means limiting people’s freedom of speech.

For many years, amongst the various topics which the court and legal system has had to deal with, pornography has been one of them. Many people believe that the government and state should place laws in order to stop pornography and to filter it from being watched. However making laws to stop pornography is not something which can be easily done as this would pose to be going against the laws stated in the first amendment. There are mostly ethical and moral issues associated with pornography; issues such as it being disrespectful to women and being wrong for children to watch. However is pornography something which can be harmful?

There are various reasons why the government has a problem with enforcing laws against pornography. In the ‘Social Theory’ it has been stated that if a person finds some material inoffensive and demeaning, it is not a good enough reason to restrict that material and similar materials (Cynthia Stark). There needs to be a solid basis and reasoning on the basis of which laws can be made in order to stop the distribution of pornography. Looking at the topic closely, it should be noted that restricting the distribution of pornography is something which goes against the right of freedom which every individual has. There is no exception in the first amendment regarding sexual speech (Nadine Strossen-ACLU). If sexual speech was censored in comparison to other types of…

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