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Sample Essay – Developmental profile

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Abstract: the changes which take place in boys and girls as they enter puberty and how their sex characteristics develop and change.

The following are the physical characteristics which pertain to adolescents and which constitute their developmental profile.

During adolescents, there are certain increases which occur in the genitalia of boys. Their scrotum and penis grows larger in size, hair growth begins in the pubic area and in the axillae. Their voice too gets a change in it and it begins much heavier and deeper along with an increase in their height and weight. Girls however experience a variety of other changes during the same time period. Their body completes those changes which pertain to secondary sex characteristics. During adolescents, most girls begin menstruation with their height and weight reducing. It does not increase at the same rate as it does in boys at that age (Babcock).

It is due to the release of a hormone called testosterone that puberty begins to take place in boys whereas it is the release of estrogen which causes puberty to occur in girls (Rathus et al).

As puberty sets in, the main sex genitals and characteristics begin to enlarge; in the males, the prostate gland, testes, seminal vesicles and penis enlarge whereas in the women, it is the uterus, vagina and the ovaries (Papalia et al).

Acne too develops as a sign of adolescents. This develops because of the changes which take place in hormones. Acne is something which can last well up until a person reaches adulthood (Edelman et al)

The potential for reproduction in boys is signaled through ejaculation and in girls due to menarche. Puberty is what..

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