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Most do this and thus allow a range of people to view who your friends are and get constant updates regarding your activities. However, such virtual friendships do not create the type of bond that one in the real world does. They have a tendency to fizzle out with time and people can hardly trust friends in online networks to support them through trials and tribulations of everyday life (Fiero 2009). It thus shifts the focus of people from something real to something fleeting and temporary.

Another reason why social networking is harmful is because of the surprisingly large number of young people and adolescents who regularly use them. Those children born during the times when social networking services became considerably popular see the virtual networks as a crucial part of their lives as they grow up and experience very little face to face interaction with friends (Rutter 1998). This deprives them of valuable conversations and development of social skills that are required for interaction with real people such as when they go to schools or to shops.

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