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Dry bulk markets pertain to the markets which deal with the transportation and the logistics of dry bulk goods. The dry bulk goods are those which are stored in loose gathering without a unit count or a mark. Instead they might be stored in tons of as per their weight.

Most of the sry bulk cargo takes the form of agriculture based products like grains, fertilizers, salts, and sugar. Aside form this refined and treated metals as well as ores of the elements as like iron order and coal are also transported via the dry bulk in the dry bulk market. Essentially the dry bulk market pertains to freight of such goods which are heavy to carry though plane and train, and which may need to be transported over long distances. The main medium for dry bulk is the usage of freighter, carriers and ship, however the trends are changing now and rail and road vehicles are also entering the dry bulk market.


The dry bulk market of freight has been largely handled by the Greeks, Japanese and Chinese chipping business. These three countries have the world’s largest infrastructure for ports and ship management. The min business in their countries is based on the shipping fright of goods. As a result they dominate the market for the dry bulk goods as well. However in Europe UK also shares about 16% of the total dry bulk market transport, but it are mostly related to the imports of the country.

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