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Sample Essay

Earnings multiples are commonly focused on and actions that may reduce EPS figures are viewed as a potential no-go zone.

The findings of the surveys undertaken in the course of the study can be said to have marked importance. They encourage a revisiting of the theories in place with reference to newer motives and assumptions that have crept into the financial executives’ mentalities through the changing business environment. An interesting insight into the interaction between companies and investors is also accorded via payout policy which is relevant from the point of analyzing decision making and underlying variables. Traditionally accepted explanations linked to tax considerations, agency and signaling hypotheses are shown to carry little support in practicality today and managers put greater weight on investment decisions and flexibility, which is achieved via share repurchases as the dominant vehicle in payout decisions as compared to dividends which are only supported by some firms with sustainable outlook and earnings. This can be said to change the horizon theory will take from hereon, incorporating considerations that would refine and bring it more in sync with practical considerations.

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