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Sample Essay

eBay has been one of the front runners when it comes to e-commerce and web based businesses systems. The company launched itself in the 90s in the face of the dot com growth and the unique online auction based business formula triggered the success of the company enabling it to survive the crash that followed. The company brought about a virtual market place for the businesses and the customers to interact with each other.

eBay has established itself by taking the role of the middle man and serving as a facilitator to the sellers and the buyers online. The company has provided a virtual market place for the sellers and the customers to convene and interact through. This has allowed the company to make profits even through the heavy legwork is done by its users therefore keeping the cots of its operations very low.

The eBay way has been to invest the very little capital that is available into technology, and to outlast the competitors in the market by acquiring their operations to expand on ones own operations. The eBay focuses on the customer service in order to keep its customers and users loyal to the products and services that the company provides. The company also focused on customer loyalty by building a forum or a user community that encourages the users to make use of the company’s product and services.

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