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Despite the quality vote, the UK is still considered to be expensive and difficulty in obtaining scholarships does not make it any more appealing.  However, the US has taken the step of offering full funding to attract more international students (Allen and Shen 1999, UKCGE 1999), which probably highlights the emphasis on the benefits to both the US higher education sector and the international student, over cost.

This may also be possibly as a result of the different funding and grant structures which are likely to exist in the US.  This is demonstrated by the fact that most UK scholarships are administered by the British Council or Commonwealth Secretariat and not the universities (UKCGE 1999), which places the UK higher educational sector at a considerable disadvantage with regards to international student recruitment and the success of their international marketing.  This once again suggests the inflexibility of the administration of higher education institutions, where this practice is probably carried out to ensure fairness and equality, but at the same time, it makes it difficult for international students to consider the UK and its scholarships as a cost-effecting location.  It also provides a contradiction, as marketing the university would have been conducted by a university representative, but potential international students will still have to direct enquiries to the British Council, which may not fully understand their needs and/or requirements.  The other disadvantage identified by the UKCGE (1999) is that even if a university does receive students on these scholarships, it cannot use these as a marketing tool, which means international students will lose confidence in their ability to obtain a scholarship.

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