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Sample Essay

Globalisation has made it possible for individuals to learn about other cultures and traditions, and marketing is not exempt from this. “Globalisation has also been cited as the origin of a ‘marketisation discourse’ that has come to pervade higher education as international competition has intensified.

It is argued that taken together with institutional ‘shortfalls’, globalisation engenders increasing pressure to create a favourable ‘brand’ in the international marketplace, geared towards maximising foreign earnings from the recruitment of international students” (Caruana & Spurling).  If some societies are particularly male dominated, then marketing engineering courses to women may not yield the best results.

The case of the University of Bradford provided that the university has a relatively significant strength of international students however the numbers need to increase more. Moreover the University has affiliations with other universities through which student exchange and semester abroad programs are undertaken however the university still does not have presence in the international regions like India, China or South Asia which are the main sources of international students for the University even through it has been established in the United Kingdom wince 1966.

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