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Sample Essay

Media violence is usually associated with the degrading the moral fibre of the society and increasing violent behaviour amongst children as well as adolescents. Some of the negative effects that are caused by overexposure of violent media on the children and youth population include diffusion of social and cultural elements, degrading of their psychological processes when watching planning action sequence based movies, increase in the number of homicides conducted by the youth and the increased violent behaviour depicted by the children in their schools.

Additionally the increase in youth aggression and that amongst children is also attributed to their increased exposure to violence through media. “Exposure to electronic media violence increases the risk of both children and adults behaving aggressively in the short-run and of children behaving aggressively in the long-run. It increases the risk significantly, and it increases it as much as many other factors that are considered public health threats. As with many other public health threats, not every child who is exposed to this threat will acquire the affliction of violent behaviour and many will acquire the affliction that are not exposed to the threat.” (Huesmann, 2007) When children come in real life situations where they can view weapons even if they are unarmed or not in use, the youth often associated this with a scenario where aggression, conflict and violence is acceptable as this is what is usually shown in the media (Cefrey, 2001).

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