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There are also reputational disadvantages of this as not only will customers shy away from products due to the adverse treatment assumed to be treated out to the employees which led to regulatory action but may also limit the talent pool willing to join the company in the future in other areas as well. This has an impact with regards to succession planning and utilization of new ideas which are not entirely conducive to a growing firm (Mathis, 2007).

Some employees have relayed forward cases of infection with diseases related to hog processing. The operation is known to be hazardous and can cause smells that can potentially be fatal for humans. This requires providing adequate protection and health precautions to the employees so they do not contract the diseases that may come from their daily work. Such diseases arising can signal possibility of such diseases spreading to other employees as well. This may result in high frequency of off days by workers which may disrupt the smooth flow of operations for Smithfield Foods, impacting the costs faced by the company. In addition, motivations will be severely effected via the hazardous conditions without due defenses being provided. Finally, healthcare costs for the enterprise may go up substantially raising the bottom line expenses and hurting the profitability of the company (Bratton, 2001).

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