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Sample Essay – EMS Professionalism

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Since an EMS professional has to come in contact with all sorts of people, the job demands a lot of professionalism (Iserson, Sanders, & Mathieu, 1995). The rules for the professional code of conduct for EMS nurses can be roughly divided into four types:

Maintaining a Professional Appearance

An EMS professional should start their shift with a clean uniform, having showered beforehand. They should not wear jewelry or strong perfumes on the job. The ambulance should be kept clean inside and out, and the equipment should be regularly cleaned.

Name badges should be displayed prominently. Sometimes, EMS professionals have to witness horrifying scenes; part of being an EMS professional is maintaining a calm demeanor and not panicking under adverse circumstances  (Schwartz, McManus, & Swienton, 2007).

Courtesy and Respect for the Patient

The patient should always be treated with respect. They should be addressed and talked to in a very polite manner. EMS patients are often suffering from great emotional as well as physical trauma. T

hey may be survivors of car or industrial accidents or victims of violent sexual assault. They are likely to be in a confused, shocked or upset mental state and therefore, EMS professionals should use extra care when trying to communicate with them.

Patients should be diplomatically led to comply with the nurse’s requests. Some patients may be drunk or under the influence of drugs or mentally unbalanced due to some other reason.

Some of these may behave in a hostile manner or with outright violence; in such cases, if it is not possible to subdue the patient with minimum effort, the EMS teams should withdraw themselves from the situation. Under no circumstance should an EMS professional deal with them in a confrontational or retributive manner.

The human dignity of the patient should be respected at all times, even when the patient is unconscious or comatose. Even after a patient dies, the human body deserves to be treated with respect (Iserson, Sanders, & Mathieu, 1995).

Courtesy, Respect and Cooperation with Fellow Healthcare Professionals

Professionalism includes abiding by the guidelines set by the hospital administrators. Employees should try to maintain a work atmosphere free from mutual hostility and conflict. They should abstain from using crude or offensive language or cracking jokes of a crude or sexual nature, at least while on the job. They should be wary of doing or saying anything construed as sexual harassment (Iserson, Sanders, & Mathieu, 1995).

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