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The company can also go into a direct marketing agreement with other brands that it houses in its store. As a result the company would be able to send its own brand based fashion catalogue to the customers of its brand associated while reciprocating by providing its own customers with their catalogues and forms of direct marketing material. This can make way for a two way relationship between Hobbs and its external brand partners while also increasing penetration into this specific customer segment.

Investment in store front displays and window displays would also bode well for advertising to this segment and increasing their foot traffic in the store. The strategy would also help the company reach a wider market through its association and networks while working in a limited budget of GBP 1200.

The K58 segment can be specifically targeted by the Hobbs Company through the internet based marketing campaign and an online shopping portal as mentioned earlier. The company can roll out a catalogue focusing on the various collections that it houses for fashion, apparel, shoes and accessories to these customers that highlight on how the purchase can be made online or through the categories to appeal to this segment and increase traffic from this segment of customers.

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