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Sample Essay

This was essentially predominant in the teamwork that was required for the purpose of the organisation to achieve its level of satisfaction as far as working in a group is concerned. Therefore, not only made me realize my own short comings as a person and to help me control my own feelings in order to see objectively what was best for the entire group. This made me more sensitive to what the needs and demands of other people may be and to help assure that they were fulfilled to the level that I was able to.

It not only showed me how to work and deal with difficult people, but also to understand why they are behaving that way. This goes a long way in helping one in the corporate world, as well as in the student life. Since, dealing with people is a daily activity that one encounters during the intricacies of everyday life.

Furthermore, the stretch of its impact has made a lasting impression on how to approach the idea of work and how to go about it. It is necessary that it becomes essential that the approach to work is also examined and seen what would be the best way to go about a certain task and how the team should collaborate in order to maximize the results and the output to achieve the required objectives. Therefore, it changed the way I viewed the task and the method I went on to work towards the successful and fruitful working of that task.

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