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Abstract: The essay discuses the way in which the telephone has evolved from being the rotary one in the past. It also talks about the telecommunication industry and the jargon used within it.

The field of telecommunications is one in which a variety of acronyms and terms are made use of. People who may not be familiar with these terms may find them difficult to understand and confusing to comprehend (Bruce). The paragraphs which follow will try and explain some of the phrases which are used in reference to the telecommunications industry. These paragraphs will talk about old technology as well as the new one which is made use of. The following paragraphs include comparisons between the various sounds which can be heard when telephone’s are made use of; the leased lines are compared to WATS (Wide Area Telecommunications Service), the PBX (Private Branch Exchanges also known as Centrex and the ISO-OSI which is an abbreviation for International Organization for Standardization-Open System Interconnection.

What is the main difference between the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) and the Rotary model? The difference is that the rotary phones had to be spun in order for a phone call to be made and these came in a round shape. The disk consisted of the numbers ranging from 0-9. The number which wanted to be pressed; a person had to put his/her finger in the hole which was next to the number after which the dial had to be turned fully and then let go of. Once the hole is let go of and the number is dialed, the disk spins back to its original place which then creates a system of pulses which correspond to the number which has been dialed. This was known as pulse dialing and…

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