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Sample Essay – Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar (100-44 B.C.) is perhaps one of the most important figures in Western political and military history.  A general, statesman, and historian, Caesar is credited with having established the very foundations of the Roman empire that one day was to stretch from the shores of Britannia to those of the Persian Gulf.

Numerous books have been – and surely will be – written about the man, his times, his almost mythical status, and his political and military exploits with the understanding that only by understanding this man, Julius Caesar, can we begin to fathom the forces of history that he unleashed one day when he crossed the Rubicon Zachary Kent’s “Julius Caesar: Ruler of the Roman World” beautifully encapsulates Caesar’s life and his times in a relatively small book of a 150-odd pages.

Julius Caesar

Given the size of the book, it is certainly not an exercise in historical investigation to separate the myths normally attached to the man from the realities of his character.  The book, in fact, has been written to introduce Gaius Julius Caesar to the general audience, especially children and young adults, and hence the book’s classification as juvenile nonfiction.

Keeping this in mind, the author tries not to lose his young readers in a labyrinth of foreign names and abstract dates.  From reading this book, one can understand that its main purpose is to inculcate a love of history in young minds. By following an almost story-like pattern, the author attempts to bequeath to his readers an understanding of the Caesar’s life and his contribution to history.

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