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Sample Essay – Knight of Infinite Resignation

The knight of infinite resignation stays within ethics. He becomes a tragic hero, and thus as a result of this he is the pity of all surrounding him. On the other hand, the knight of faith steps outside classical ethics. Thus, he becomes an individual example of an ethical suspension for a very big purpose. This purpose is generally irrational and absurd. Thus, he is actually making those around him to have pity on their own lifestyles (Mooney, 2008).

Kierkegaard makes use of a wonderful congruent example of an ethical dilemma. His example could be presented to a classical armored knight. In this knight’s world, there is a beautiful princess. He loves her. However, she is so far removed from him. Thus, even though it is his desire, he can never reach her to marry her. Coming to terms with the reality of the situation and having the assumption that it is actually impossible for the two to get married, the knight has got two options. His first option is that he can submit to resignation. This will mean that he will never have her. In this case, he will not be pushed up and moved by irrational false hopes. However, we still pity his unfortunate situation.

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