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Sample Essay – Market Segmentation Issues

Some of the market segmentation issues that they have to face are the benefits of the product to the population. This will translate to what the product will do to the consumer that will make it unique from other beers.

Asahi will also have to deal with segmentation dimensions; like demographics. This will entail the age group, gender and social economic aspects to take into consideration when marketing their product. They will also need to consider the geographic factors which determine the location of the consumers. This also looks into the social and economic aspects of the population as based on geography. For example, the market may be segmented such that the upper class lives in a specific geographic location. While the lower social economic class that may be in another location, looking for easy means of making a living. They will have to develop a market strategy based on the market geography. This is in consideration that markets differ according to the geography. The market in the city is different from that in the up country and the coastal region. This is the same for the market segment in the industrial region as compared to the agricultural region.

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